Welcome to AimTux

The best, 100% undetected Linux cheat out there.
And best of all, it's free!



Because AimTux is a Linux cheat, we're immune to any VAC detections & VAC waves.


Free And Open Source

AimTux is completely FOSS (Free and Open Source Software)

Open Source

AimTux is the largest Open Source hacking project to date, being updated constantly with new features and bug fixes.


The GNU GPL v3 licence allows you to download, modify and share AimTux source code.

We're on GitHub

We do all of our development openly on GitHub.


Jam-packed with features

Over 30 awesome features baked into 27830 lines of code

VAC Undetectable

This cheat has never been detected and most likely will never be detected unless Valve implements a VAC system for Linux which would be extremely difficult and easy to circumvent.


AimTux features a per-weapon customisable aimbot, which is extremely accurate and fast.


The recoil control system can be used to achieve perfect accuracy or not so perfect accuracy, depending on whether you want to look legitimate or not.

Anti Aim

AimTux features many Anti Aims to stop other hackers in their tracks. These Anti Aim's include Spinbot, Jitter, Sideways, Backwards, LISP, Static up / down and many more!


The AimTux ESP provides all the information you wish to know about your enemies (and your teammates), including their health, location and name. The ESP also includes a tracer, and many other neat features.

Regularly Updated

AimTux is updated every single day for new features, improvements to old features and bugfixes.

Skin Changer

AimTux also features an easy-to-use skin changer that has the ability to bring you all the newest skins for the best user experience.

We need your help!!

Anything you can give helps go towards development and future goodies such as HvH servers